Reserve Clinic Sept 25

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Reserve Clinic Sept 25

Postby John G » Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:49 am

Reserve clinic and repack
4:00 Saturday, Sept 25
John Greynald’s house
2774 Puesta del sol, S.B.

The Clinic will provide opportunity to practice throwing your chute in the simulator of your choice and than get it inspected and repacked by qualified re-packers including Zippy the reigning national champ and Rob Sporror of Eagle world.
Your deployment technique will be analyzed and feedback provided

It’s been 2 ½ years since the last reserve clinic in SB.
The people who design reserve systems recommend that they get repacked every six months. Previous clinics have revealed that about 25% of us have systems that will not deploy correctly. The problems are usually from poor maintenance, improper equipment or limited understanding of deployment sequence issues.

The cost for the repack is $45 and includes simulator use, clinic and food
Bring your helmets!---- something to drink ---kids and dogs welcome

If you’re just going for the repack, you can drop off your harness on the front porch any time during the weekend. Don’t leave all your accessories such as varios and flight suits etc.
ID your gear!
You can pick up your harnesses from the fort porch any time after Tuesday the28th.

Need more info?
Call John @682-3483
John G
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