SoCal XC League - July1/Aug31 @ Marshall

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SoCal XC League - July1/Aug31 @ Marshall

Postby AaronColby » Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:17 pm

Re-post from Dean Stratton who is up kicking ass in Chelan at the PWC. Apologies if you receive this more than once. To stay up to date on the latest for the league please join us here:

General Information & downloads can be found here:


Hello everyone, the league will continue this year, it’s just getting a very late start because I’ve been so busy the last few months. The league will only have 4 official meets this year and they are posted on the website. I’m thinking of doing some impromptu events this year to help fill up the calendar but I’m not sure about the details yet, I’ll keep you posted. I hope to be present at all the events this year but there is a chance I may not due to my work schedule. Aaron Price has graciously volunteered to help me with the league since my work schedule is so heavy. I will be getting him up to speed so he can run a meet should I not be able to make it. I’ll tell you all more about it when I see you at the meet coming up.

As you can see on the website there aren’t any pilot ID’s listed. All pilots will have to send in a new registration form for this year. If you are planning on attending the league meet on July 31st, please send in your registration form to me before the meet. If you’re not planning on attending the upcoming meet you don’t need to send the registration form in now, just send it in before the first meet you plan on attending.

I will be out of state until the 26th so I won’t be able to return emails very prompt until I return. When I get back I will process your registration forms and add you to the pilot page on the website. I’ll send out another email update next week before the meet.

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Re: SoCal XC League - July1/Aug31 @ Marshall

Postby Kelly S » Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:46 pm

Forwarded From Dean....

Well, we had two great days this last weekend. Saturday started out looking marginal but steadily improved throughout the day. We called a short ask for Saturday but as it turned out we could of had a much longer one. On Sunday dusties were rolling through launch soon after we arrived so it was obvious the day was on. The task called Sunday was somewhat of a cat's cradle and lots of pilots made goal. Joe Popper made goal Sunday on only his second task ever flown, nice work Joe. We had a fairly good turnout, but I definitely expected more to show up. Those of you that thought the weather didn't look good enough missed out. Marshall almost never disappoints.

Results are up on both the website and on Leonardo. Remember, the results on the website are official, and Leonardo is just for comparing flights. If you're not familiar with using Leonardo I've written a tutorial that can be found under the link "Competition News" on the Leonardo site.

Thanks for everyone that came out and supported the league this weekend. The next event is Aug 21-22nd. at Marshall. I'll send out an email the week of.

Website Results:

Leonardo Results:

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