EJ Launch History?

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EJ Launch History?

Postby sd » Fri Feb 12, 2021 6:57 am

Not sure of the history of EJ Launch. Perhaps others could shed some light?

The launched is named after our beloved HG pilot EJ Steele, who died in a motorcycle accident. We could write volumes about the adventures, inspiration, and community contributions of EJ.

I suspect the current EJ launch was initially used by PG pilots after fire break work, perhaps associated with one of our frequent fires? Prior to it’s us by PGs, some HG pilots did use it as a north side launch (down the main steep firebreak facing NNE) and called it “Floyd’s Back Side”. Floyd’s Back Side fell into disuse when better potential form the North Side Alternator and the North Side Brotherhood was realized and validated.

For many years, HGs have also used the launch below EJ off the road point called “Cagy Bowl”. In the early 90s, some PGs cut a launch above the HG Cagy Bowl launch, but it was eventually abandoned. The main ridgeline and high PG launches were The Alternator, West La Cumbre, and the VOR.
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Re: EJ Launch History?

Postby Leeside » Fri Mar 05, 2021 4:08 pm

SD I can claim to be first to launch Upper EJ south side in a pg. I know my posts about first using it are in the chat back there a few yrs ago. I remember being proud to claim the same name as the HG EJ launch as well because everyone who knew the man of STEEL would agree he's worthy of a whole mountain range let alone a peak. Your correct in that the fire crews had done a lot of work clearing the ridgetops and it didn't take much to figure out that peak was good. I didn't even have to move any bushes or anything to use it. Obviously all the work you and others have made it much better. Having a safe place to top land was my main goal. Still haven't had the nerve to top land the HG there yet though....
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