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George Jimenez

Postby sd » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:11 pm

George Jimenez suffered at hard crash on his paraglider (Delta 2?) at Bates on Friday 6/23/2017. He is at Cottage hospital in Santa Barbara, Room 3221. He is not listed under “George”. The hospital registry has him listed as Joseph Jimenez.
I visited George in the hospital on Saturday (today). His injuries include:
Fractured Femur (upper leg bone)
Compression Fracture of the L3 Vertebra (lower back)
Fractured Rib (chest)
Torn Rotator Cuff (shoulder)

George’s most debilitating injury is the fractured femur, which is broken (shattered) into multiple pieces starting several inches below the top. Fortunately, the hip joint itself is ok. The surgical repair utilized a rod driven down through the top of the bone to fix (set) the length. The surgeon expects the bone pieces to grow back together. The femur is non-weight bearing for at least 8 weeks. George cannot use crutches or a walker due to his other injuries which include the torn rotator cuff, so he will be in a wheel-chair
George landed on his side on the railroad tracks. Impact with the steel rail is what broke George’s Femur.

George’s injuries did not come at a good time. He works for Venoco, which has been sold as part of a bankruptcy proceeding, so his job status is uncertain. George is the primary caregiver for his wife who has a number of medical issues. One of his younger sisters was killed in her driveway last Saturday, so George was not able to attend her funeral today. George does have a lot of brothers and sisters, with 9 of the original 11 children still alive.

George will need our community support for at least the next several months.
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Re: George Jimenez

Postby tommygun » Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:25 pm

Well that sucks. I hope that Goerge has a good recovery and will be flying at Bates again soon! I really enjoy hanging out with Goerge and the dogs. See you all this fall out at Bates! Thanks Tom for letting everyone know . Tom Livingstone
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