Google Earth KML & KMZ Attachments

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Google Earth KML & KMZ Attachments

Postby bb_secretary » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:49 am

Admin has configured our phpBB discussion board to now accept KML, KMZ, and IGC file attachments. Previously, the configuration disallowed KML and KMZ attachments. The workaround was to zip the file, but zipping is no longer required. You can now attached Google Earth files directly to your posted articles.

It is recommended that you always save the IGC file, which is the raw data in a relatively small text file. The Google Earth files are views of the IGC data file and don't usually contain all the IGC data. If you want a different view, it's often simpler to work from the IGC file rather than dealing with the clutter of an existing clunky KML.

FYI: KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language. It is a text based "markup" language similar to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). You can read and edit it with any text editor. Google did not "create" KML. Google acquired Keyhole Inc. in 2004 and made the viewer a free program. Previously, Google Earth was "Keyhole Earth Viewer", which relied on subscription fees for revenue.

KMZ is a zipped or compressed KML file. There are a number of reasons to save KML files as KMZ files, including smaller files size, and the ability to embed non standard stuff like custom images, however, you cannot read a KMZ file directly with a text editor. You can open a KMZ file with Google Earth and then save it as a KML, but you will lose non-standard custom stuff not supported directly by Google. I recommend trying to use standard stuff so your compressed KMZ files will transition back to uncompressed KML without loss for viewing the "code" and minor edits.
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