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Sundowner Meal Train

Postby sd » Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:47 am

Thursday, 10/8 Update
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Got home last Friday (10/2) and have been experimenting on what I can and can't do. I've had assistance this week, but will be on my own after the weekend (starting Monday 10/12). Fortunately, there are several caring moms who have offered to assist with stuff like laundry and light cleaning.

My capability will continue to be limited until I'm able to walk without crutches. Not certain how long, but likely another month. There are some things I can do balancing on one leg or using one hand, but some of those task are tiring and I fatigue quickly on the crutches.

One of the caring moms has set up a website called Meal Train
Volunteers can sign up to bring meals. Times are variable because I have physical therapy 3 times a week and various doctor appointments, but I'm usually home later in the day. I'll try to check the schedule and touch base with the various individuals who might be coming by to confirm a good time.

If the Meal Train website learning curve is beyond your bandwidth, you can always resort to the old fashion method and simple give me a call on my cell phone. My contact info is listed on
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