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Mid Channel Buoy

Postby sd » Wed May 27, 2015 7:22 am

The Mid Channel Buoy is back in action after drifting away in December. They retrieved the buoy shortly after it broke free and went adrift, but I suspect "they" opted to wait until after the winter storm season to reset it. Technically, it is called the "East" Channel Buoy, or East Santa Barbara Buoy, but since it is in the middle of the channel, I call it Mid Channel. Not sure how they came up with "east" since the official description says it is 12 miles SW of Santa Barbara. Perhaps east is relative to the other buoy to the west. There are 2 Buoys in the Channel. The West Channel Buoy s is off Point Conception and it does mark the west end of the "Channel". The West Buoy is less relevant to our weather because it seems to be perpetually windy in the venturi around Point Conception. There are a bunch of other reporting stations in The "Santa Barbara Channel", but most of them don't report current wind.
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