Petition opposes "blanket rule" against jumping from tandem

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Petition opposes "blanket rule" against jumping from tandem

Postby SA » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:42 pm

Steve Roti has asked me to post this.

Steve Writes....

I've put together a petition to oppose the proposed USHPA rule change that would prohibit skydiving/jumping from a tandem at non-insured flying sites. Would you be willing to post this on the Santa Barbara discussion group?

Tandem Petition

At the Spring 2012 USHPA board meeting the tandem committee will be voting on this agenda item: "Revisit rule for 'not dropping people' and discuss making it a blanket rule." The current rule prohibits skydiving/jumping from a tandem glider at insured flying sites, and the proposed "blanket rule" would apply to both insured and non-insured flying sites. By signing this petition you are letting the tandem committee know that you oppose the "blanket rule".

Arguments in favor of the petition:
1. There's no evidence skydiving/jumping from tandems is any riskier than traditional tandem flights
2. There haven't been any reported accidents or insurance claims as a result of jumping from tandems
3. Our sport is constantly evolving and it's better for our national association to be inclusive rather than excluding newer forms of paragliding-related activities

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Re: Petition opposes "blanket rule" against jumping from tan

Postby Rich » Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:42 am

Reading this, I wonder who specifically came up with the idea to ban jumping from tandems? What was the motivation for putting forth a rule change which on its face seems without merit. Is the USHPA insuror pushing for this behind the scenes? In the absence of any clear rationale for banning bailouts, i'm in favor of the jumper's freedom and will sign the petition.
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Re: Petition opposes "blanket rule" against jumping from tan

Postby DeVietti_Marty » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:21 pm

I think it is important to hold onto as many freedoms (privileges) as possible, as it is easy to lose them, but next to impossible to get them back. On the other hand, we have been granted an exemption by the FAA to do INSTRUCTIONAL flights on tandems as one of the terms of the agreement. This is a privilege we have to renew (re-negotiate) every year I believe, so it is not a permanent "right" of ours as pilots to fly tandems but rather a privilege we enjoy. (until public outcry deems it foolish)

It seems that, insured sites are the defining element here, so if this is held up and honored by the USHPA/FAA, it could very well open up a can of worms, as far as the rules of flying tandems, or in general.

It seems that other activities on uninsured sites that are marginally legal or downright against policy could then be seen as "okay" at sites that are not official USHPA insured sites. Or maybe it always has been this way?

At any rate, I support the petition, and oppose the blanket rule against base jumping from tandems. I have let a few base jumpers go overboard without incident, and would like to still be able to be a part of that activity, even if I have to go somewhere else to do it. I don't like to break rules if I can help it, but it sure is nice when you can be a part of the rule making (or not making) process.

I hope the statistics will continue to support this potential change to the rule, if it is upheld, but if the worst should happen (either tandem pilots and/or base jumpers incurring accidents to themselves not to mention people/property on the ground) it will surely be revisited and may not be up to the voting public to decide. As long as we stay vigilant and careful, why can't it be done safely?

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