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Right of Way Rules

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:58 pm
by Chris G
1) Clear your turns. Look BEFORE you turn.
2) The pilot with the ridge on their right has the right of way. Other pilots must yield to the outside.
3) The lower pilot has the right of way. Especially important when hang gliders are involved because upward visibility is low. They can't see you!
4) When approaching head-on, yield to the right.
5) When passing another pilot on a ridge, pass to the inside so that you don't trap them against the ridge.
6) The first pilot in a thermal sets the turn direction.
7) When joining another pilot in a thermal, join tangentially to their circle to avoid the "Bowling Pin" effect.
8) When two pilots are converging on a point, the pilot on the right has the right of way.
9) Pilots conducting maneuvers give right of way to everyone.