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Stolen gear- San Luis Obispo

PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:46 pm
by oj
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Hi All, my brother and I had our gear stolen from someone who broke into my truck in SLO last night. 1/13/15

Taken was:
Woody Valley Velvet 2 harness - 1
Woody Valley Wani harness (BLUE) - 1 (NEW)
Charley Insider helmet (WHITE) - 1
Woody Valley 2-Step Aluminum Speedbars - 2 (NEW)
Aluminum Hook Knives - 2 (NEW)
Woody Valley Flight Deck - (NEW)
Eagle Paragliding Leg Stirrups - 2 (NEW)
Niviuk NKare concertina bag - (2) NEW
Icaro reserve parachutes - 2 (NEW)
Yaesu FT-270 radios - 2 (NEW)
Eagle Paragliding Radio Harness - 2 (NEW)
Flytech 6015 (NEW)
UP Ascent 3 Glider, Grey Orange and White (NEW)

And a ration of camera Gear:
D7100 Nikon
3 Lenses
4 Batteries
And a bunch of other stuff.

If anyone sees this pop up please drop me a line!

Thank you,

Ryan Bosco
email rbosco1103 (at)
ph. 970773700three