Downtubes for Wills Wing Glider - very cheap!!

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Downtubes for Wills Wing Glider - very cheap!!

Postby Ramey » Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:54 am

I am possession of 3 downtubes for wills wing gliders. They are made by Angle of Attack which is no longer in business. As far as I know they will work on various or most or all ww gliders. I have three tubes:

$20 68 inches
$10 67 5/8 inches
$10 67 3/4 inches.

The astute reader will note that the last two are unconventional length. This was an error in their fabrication. I was flying with the shortest one and only recently discovered it. (It did seem the glider was handling a little funny). So in fact these lest two tubes would be best put to use on a glider that uses 6 inch tubes by cutting them down to size and re drilling. Hence the bargain price. It's either that or the re-cycling pile. The also might be of use in making your next rack for your hangglider or whatever.

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