Contact and Emergency ID Index Card

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Contact and Emergency ID Index Card

Postby Jonno » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:17 pm

:idea: Take an index card and print your contact and emergency ID information on it. At launch or meet-up, have your flying buddies each take a photo of your card with their phone - a quick and easy way for them to have the info they might need about you. Here's a suggested format:
Your name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "nickname" USHPA#:
your email address
your delorme email address
Cell phone#:805.555.1212
Emergency Contact: djfkd fdkfj (spouse, SO, GF, etc)
their cell#: 805.555.1234
if you have a delorme or spot, the URL to your tracking map:
Home address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, CA 93xxx
Car: Black GM Yukon, has trailer hitch key safe, lock combo: 1234, or under left rear bumper, etc.
If you want to get fancy, print a few off your computer and laminate them. Stick one in your flight deck, another in your pocket, harness, etc.
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Re: Contact and Emergency ID Index Card

Postby gracecab » Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:11 pm

Thanks for this Jonno.

I will get my card going and make people take pics of it.... just in case.

WE should be doing this for even / especially visiting pilots here. Anyone else have other good safety ideas...
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