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SPOT Profiles

Postby John Wolfe » Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:23 pm

I maintain several SPOT profiles, generally organized around location or events, such as "Tucson", "Santa Barbara", and "Rat Race".
I always include my own phone number so that once I wander into cell coverage, I can close the loop and ensure that my SPOT message has been transmitted.
Perhaps one of the biggest limitations of the SPOT (rant regarding total lameness of the SPOT web site and mobile app has been suppressed) is that the message text must specified using a web browser when you have an internet connection (it can be done from a smart phone, but it's a pain) and the same goes for the list of recipients for the various messages. Invariably, I find myself on launch realizing that today's retrieve driver is not on the SPOT SPAM list for the profile I've selected...and I don't have a network connection.
My present work-around involves Twitter. I don't actually use my Twitter account for much else, but it turns out to be quite useful for this purpose. All my SPOT messages go out through my Twitter feed. So, the random driver who graciously volunteers to chase us need only follow me on Twitter to get all my SPOT messages. And, said driver can also track me (and anyone else) in flight using XC Find.
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