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Postby sd » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:25 am

We are seeding a new forum to capture flight stories that pre-date our current archive.

Our existing on-line record only dates to Jim Maddox's initial transition of the SBSA Wind Song Newsletter from hard copy mailing to a web format. Wind Song and the following iterations have documented some memorable days, but there were 25 years of flying prior to posting web articles. Some of our seasoned brethren have already retired, and a few of us are approaching faster than we like.

This forum is an opportunity to share and archive some of the exciting flight stories during the growth years of our foot launch sports. If we can prod the old timers to jot down their recollections once or twice a year, we will have plenty of colorful reading to entertain us and stir old memories.

I can still remember Robert's narrative to an attentive Rusty's audience about patiently waiting at Bates for the thermal block to ease, permitting the wind to come in a bit more for the first ever jump across the freeway from Bates... And Ron Gruell's first flight to the beach from Pine, getting there just over the roof of the Holiday Inn to capture the Pine mountain challenge... and Gilbert Roberts making the first flight from the South Side of Pine to the river, christening Runway 39... John Greynald's 200 mile flight, Scotty's flight from Plowshares back to SB..., Chad's flight from the Training Hill to Parma, and ... the Saffold brothers and...

So take some time, but comb your cobwebs so we can cherish our memoirs before the recollection fades beyond retrieval.
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