late June 2021 / mid-week low pressure

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late June 2021 / mid-week low pressure

Postby sd » Wed Jun 23, 2021 10:37 am

The low-pressure event that started late Monday is now forecasted to extend into Thursday before high pressure builds back on Friday. With the absence of our seasonal sharp inversion the local mountains are weak but soarable. The humidity is low, so the afternoon heating is winning the battle against the marine stratus. The onshore gradients are delivering a nice afternoon breeze to our coastal cliffs with more robust flow to the west toward Wilcox compared to Bates. The mountains have much less wind compared to the beach.

On Monday Bates was working nice by mid-afternoon with students and tandems staying up till 6:30.

Yesterday (Tuesday) telegram reports indicate Wilcox was on for a window before building past optimal in the afternoon. George reports multiple HG and PG pilots were doing good at Bates. At 1pm Bates was showing little caps on the outside while blowing 12 gusting to 15. Pilots report smooth flying with lots of lift everywhere. At Sage Dylan was practicing his acro while Ajay was working thermals that were “punchy at times” up over the top until sunset. The Skyport timing was late as the lower level heating was delayed while the low stratus (tops about 1500) burned off. By mid-afternoon Red-tailed hawks, ravens and vultures were all thermalling up in the house thermal but only to a couple hundred over. It was likely better up higher from EJ and West La Cumbre.

Today, Wednesday, looks similar to yesterday with less humidity so perhaps earlier timing in the mountains?

Thursday is a little different with the lowest pressure, coolest 3K temperature, and a positive lapse rate up to about 2500, so West La Cumbre today and the Skyport on Thursday (if you fly the local SB front range).

The coastal cliffs look like they will have windows today, tomorrow, and maybe Friday.

On Friday high pressure builds and the inversion returns. Not looking so good for the local SB front range mountains. The onshore gradients might still be strong enough for the coastal cliff sea-breeze, but perhaps not as robust and Monday through Thursday
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