End of April 2021

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End of April 2021

Postby sd » Wed Apr 28, 2021 7:47 am

Wednesday Morning Perception

We appear to be transitioning from the post frontal wind we’ve had the past couple of days toward mild high pressure offshore diurnal flow that is forecasted to peak on Thursday and continue through Friday before the gradients transition onshore through the weekend bringing seasonal morning stratus to the coast.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the lapse rate was strong with colorful cumulus development. Pilots did ok but were hindered by problematic north wind up high. Logan flew to Ojai from the Skyport with a stop and relaunch in front of White Ledge. Jason Lombard flew to Santa Paula Ridge from the Nuthouse. Sangwon launched later in the afternoon from the Skyport and reported soarable but unsettled air. (see Telegram reports). Bates had good velocity from the SSE around mid-afternoon, with multiple pilots soaring the length of the cliff and back. Casitas Pass was a venturi for low level filling flow from the SW into the Ojai Valley but NNE up higher.

Today, Wednesday, both the lapse rate and upper level north wind have abated some compared to yesterday’s robust conditions. Hopefully the balance will yield enough blockage for local convergence over back ridge (La Cumbre Peak) before some late afternoon WNW flow prevails. There is some typical north flow at ridgeline this morning but not as much as yesterday. I would expect the Skyport to be launchable with EJ a probably? West La Cumber should work in the afternoon.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the flow clocks around to come from the ENE up high. Down lower the diurnal flow is robust with pronounced drainage in the morning yielding to onshore flow up the rivers in the afternoon. Likely a good day to launch from the Nuthouse for an out and return westbound and back, staying high on the westbound leg and low on the eastbound return leg. You can likely get to Fillmore with upriver flow down low but will likely have a headwind up high on the east end of the course. Ojai looks like the sweet spot in the afternoon.

Friday. The wind continues to fade with some upriver pull in the afternoon. The course looks more open eastbound as we transition to broad onshore flow from the SW. Ojai look reliable but if you can claw past Castle Ridge from SB you have more course to work with.

Saturday, the onshore trend continues with potential for morning stratus but perhaps more to the west so SB might be spared.
By Sunday the seasonal morning stratus looks likely in SB.

Still seems a little early in the season for Pine, but the road will hopefully open this weekend?
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