Sunday, 2/28/2021

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Sunday, 2/28/2021

Postby bb_secretary » Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:52 pm

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Derek Musashe by the SCPA BB Secretary
Originally posted to the SBSA Telegram Chat on 2/28/2021 at 9:36 PM PST

Timmay B asked me for a write up of the day, so I thought I'd share my thoughts...

My goal for the day was to fly the big out-and-back season long Soggy Fishsticks task. The forecast looked like it might allow for it, with light winds all day (notably no strong west wind filling in during the afternoon) and a decent lapse rate. This turned out to be the case, and it allowed myself and many other pilots to fly out-and-backs today of varying lengths.

In general, I found the air to be a little rowdy today, especially as the afternoon wore on. I found myself very actively managing my wing on most climbs, but nothing ever got out of hand, luckily.

Throughout the day, the best climbs I was finding were topping out at well over 4k on the front range and were getting over 5k at Noon Peak and West Divide (I didn't go farther east than that, but others did).

The leg back westbound from West Divide was significantly more challenging for me than the eastbound leg. There was a little bit of west wind here and there, but in general, the climbs just seemed a little more ratty on the way back. I had a particularly challenging time getting from Montecito Peak to the Tit, where I eventually got a great climb and got re-established enough to do a mental reset.

The final leg westbound from La Cumbre to VOR was actually not too bad, as I got up to 4500' at La Cumbre and was getting up to 3700' at No Name. After that it was a pleasant downhill and downwind jaunt back to the goal cylinder around Parma.

Great day up there flying with friends. I started the day flying with Neal, then when he was too fast for me, I had the good fortune of being able to fly with Chris Lorimer for most of the rest of the flight. Chris Clontz also caught up with us at Snowball's Daddy and joined in on the fun as well for several spines. Great times!

Tons of pilots up in the air today sending it. Congrats to everyone on their flights!
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Group Ayvri Scene for Sunday 2/28/2021

Postby sd » Tue Mar 02, 2021 8:11 pm

Ayvri Group Link for Sunday 2/28/2021:

And… As Derek noted there were many other noteworthy flights on Sunday, but I’ve attached Logan’s KMZ for evaluation by students of the sport for its Boutique merit. Perhaps not the longest flight of the day but the only flight OTB?

Logan Walters PG flight on Sunday 2/28/2021
42.7 miles around 5 turnpoints in 2.62 Hrs ~ 16.3 MPH average
Takeoff from EJ at 10:36 PST
Westbound 2.0 miles to the Alternator turn at 10:56 PST
Eastbound 17.3 miles to East Divide turn at 12:17 PST
Northbound 3.1 miles OTB with 5840 Ft MSL to Old Man Mountain turn at 12:38 PST
Westbound 14.7 miles back to turn EJ at 1:34 PST
Southbound 5.7 miles to landing at East Beach at 2:01 PST
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