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Wednesday, 11/11/2020

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:48 am
by sd
Wednesday Morning Perception

The airmass has warmed but is still a tad chilly. The lapse rate has faded considerably from Monday and Tuesday. Almost flat but likely still adequate for soaring. Expect weaker climbs and lower max altitudes compared to yesterday.

Not much early wind. We will likely still have our typical early day flow from the east, but it is forcasted to clock around and come from the west earlier and a bit stronger than yesterday.

With the weaker lapse rate, the day will likely be later “turning on” compared to yesterday, so you might want to launch a little later today (I launched at 10:04 on Tuesday). EJ is preferable if you are in the early SE flow, but when it starts to clock around and show signs of flow from the west, West La Cumbre is a better launch option.

On the possibility that you are able to claw past Castle Ridge, the east offshore flow down the Santa Clara River is gone. Expect typical robust upriver flow if you are able to get there. Ojai should work better than SB, if you can get there?

There are some building high clouds ahead of a approaching weak dry cold front. Bates may work on Friday?