Mild High-Pressure Mid October 2020

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Mild High-Pressure Mid October 2020

Postby sd » Mon Oct 12, 2020 7:17 am

Monday Morning Perception

The weather looks similar for the workweek with minor variations. Tomorrow is a little hotter, but today (Monday) might have a slightly better lapse rate due to later onshore flow?

High pressure inland. Enough for some night and morning onshore flow, but not enough to blow hard down the Santa Clara River. It is light offshore down river this morning, but not all the way to the beach. Locally in SB we have just enough early Katabatic flow to mostly clear out the marine air, but it should switch onshore and pull in the cooler ocean air this afternoon, but not very robustly.

Regionally, the lapse rate looks best at the mid altitudes from about 4 to 8 or 9K.

Locally in SB the day starts out a bit stable below 3K but heats up by noon. Don’t wait too long because the light but quenching onshore flow from the west might be problematic later in the afternoon.

It might be hard to continue along Castle Ridge due to its low height and proximity to the ocean. If you can claw your way to better ocean protection along the elevating terrain starting at the Powerlines, the lapse rate in Ojai looks more robust but not stellar. I suspect most pilots will be able to reach Padaro.
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