End of August 2020

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End of August 2020

Postby sd » Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:57 am

Sunday Morning pre-dawn Perception

Mostly seasonally average conditions with some minor variations. Sunday and Monday look similar to Friday and Saturday.
There is some mid-altitude flow from the east in the forecast soundings

Pine: there is a crew heading to Pine in the morning. See the SBSA Telegram chat for logistic updates.

The lapse rate is average, which is typically good enough. Top of the lift looks okish, maybe 10 or 11K over the higher terrain and a little lower at Pine and lower still along the watershed divide. Despite the light forecasted wind predictions in the models, there is potential for wind on launch. Yesterday, Ozena was reporting stiff mid-day upriver flow from the NW, 15 gusting to 20ish (typical), but Lockwood was lighter with variable direction gusting to 10ish. With mid-altitude flow from the east, I don’t think the long retrieve is worth plugging toward the Antelope? We might be able to connect back to the coast along the Watershed Divide, which does show a weak E/W convergence later in the day, but the altitudes might not be good enough to risk a long hike? There is a reasonable probability we can reach the front range, but with flow from the east at soaring altitudes Fillmore would be upwind and going west toward Santa Barbara would be into the stable marine inversion. The kink in the inversions seems to be around 3 to 4K, with flow above from the east and onshore flow from the west below.

Pine looks like it might be good later in the day as the late day west pushes against the early east flow, so if you don’t catch the morning bus you might consider a 3 PM launch? Still plenty of time to reach the front range.

Not sure how Logan and Lorimer were able to do so well yesterday in the SB Fishbowl? It didn’t look good on paper, but they must have gotten some protection from the marine air behind the Riviera? Perhaps the Monastery Spine convergence was working as the onshore flow converged behind the Riviera?

The training hill will likely work again as the low clouds give way to sun. Ditto for the Coastal Cliffs?

I think Logan is planning to fly from the Nuthouse? Must be in training for the hike and fly comps? I suspect the Nuthouse should work…
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