1st October Weekend, 2019

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1st October Weekend, 2019

Postby sd » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:41 am

Chris Heckman, thanks for reviewing the weather for us and posting your perceptions. As Cracka would say, just go get some…

High in my order of evaluation is where to fly, as in which locale, SB, Ojai, Pine, Black Hawk, Marshall… There are numerous factors that affect our individual decisions on where to fly including convenience, time budget, cost / benefit, logistics and of course, the weather. Since I live on the east side of SB my preference on weak costal days it to launch away from the coast. I’m not likely to drive to San Bernardino for due to factors above, so my inclination is to attempt to muster logistics for Pine or Ojai if the cost / benefit seems worth it.

I took a quick glance this morning but didn’t look at the skew-t’s because the link I’ve been using is suddenly not resolving, but the winds aloft forecast seems to indicate an average to slightly below average lapse rate with little wind to light flow from the west up high. Personally, if I were flying this weekend, I’d probably opt for Pine, then Ojai, but as Cracka says… just go get some, so the convenience of the SB launches is hard to beat.

Looks like light high-pressure offshore drainage flow from the east this morning but I suspect it will pull in some at the lower altitudes as the day heats, and it is forecasted to be unseasonably warm. I think the lapse rate is likely okish…
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