Back O' the Rack- Thermal Factory- Parma 1/9/19

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Back O' the Rack- Thermal Factory- Parma 1/9/19

Postby LNW » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:17 pm

Such a fun day launching the Back of the Rack with Lombard, Mitch, and Chris Garcia.

We met at Parma and headed up the hill despite the east wind and rain forecasted. Our initial thought was the Rock but solid overcast and no cycles seemed like a sure sled ride. We got out at the bypass and felt air moving up from both sides, Mitch said “I think this is launchable”, and everyone got back in the Eagle Van.

Once back in the van we discussed and committed to checking out Back of Rack, and so glad we did. It was beautiful and the wind was coming straight in to launch. We did some gardening as this is not a very used paraglide spot, at this point, and quickly Mitch was in the air. He was able to penetrate without speed bar so we all hurried to join, plucked one after another into the smooth lift band. The air seemed to accelerate quite a bit as we soared higher so we started pushing out to avoid going OTB (this time).

As I flew over Thermal Factory Mitch was landing on top of it and I decided to join him for a high five. The fire has made it a really nice landing and the east takeoff was perfect. So amazing up there.

After re-launching we flew between Parkers and the Tit making flat circles on a not so lifty day with some west wind below the Round House. Then landing in Parma with almost no wind. It was awesome to see how winds were so different through the altitudes with so many things happening on an interesting beautiful stormy day.
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