Soaring the Charred Landscape Monday (video)

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Soaring the Charred Landscape Monday (video)

Postby NMERider » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:20 pm

I haven't been out in nearly two years and Monday offered a good forecast to come back for. My stamina was short so I turned around at the far side of Whiteledge and headed back for the beach.
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Willy was flying the task and after having to restart his vario in flight due to a malfunction he got delayed by 20 minutes. He passed over me near East Divide and I told him on radio I should make it back to my car at the beach and would pick him up if needed. I was confident the day was good enough to round trip to Nordhoff and back. Willy did one better and tagged Chief before heading back. I got distracted talking to some locals and forgot to look at Willy on XCFind. When I did I could see he was stuck just West of Whiteledge and I guessed he was low. A little while later I saw he was on the spine so I got him on radio to check on his status. He flew a nearly identical line out to the beach but the air he was in some 90 minutes after me was far more buoyant all the way back. Interesting how the local weather changes throughout the day. Willy had launched at 10:30 and landed at 3:15 for 4:45hrs and a 60-mile or so free triangle.
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His FAI measured OnR was 53 miles due to the diverging path near Monecito Peak and the 400meter radius rule. Still an epic flight. I bought him supper to thank him for saving me from doing a retrieve.
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