Nuthouse to OB1 to East Beach

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Nuthouse to OB1 to East Beach

Postby bb_secretary » Sun May 21, 2017 1:20 pm

Posted on behalf of Mitch Riley by one of the Bulletin Board Secretaries.

Mitch Riley had a stellar flight from the Nuthouse on Saturday 5/20/2017. Launching about a quarter past 11 and boosting into the mid 6s over the Pyramid. From there he opted to take the back-ridge route to Chiefs against an upper level headwind from the east (might have made better time below the east flow along the lower front point route?). No joy over Chiefs, but reboosted into the mid 8s over the Middle Bump of the main Chiefs spine. Only got about 700 over the Topa Bluffs, but opted to commit OTB for OB1 with a little over 7K after gaining 300 feet in a 4-turn thermal to get back to arrival altitude. Reached OB1 (the first peak Over the Back) about a hundred over and found a core that anchored against the upper level east flow on his 35 turn 4K climb to his max altitude of the day, about 10,800 (almost 9K over launch). Midway through his climb, around 9K, the upper level east wind arrested his thermal’s momentum and his track changed from drifting slightly from the SW to more robust drift from the east. He then took a downwind 13-mile glide westbound across Hwy 33 to White Ledge Ridge, arriving over Bump 2 with 4100. A little verturi flow from the SSW crossing 33, but by Bump 3 he was away from the gap and back in the east flow as he climbed above 5K. He took the back-ridge route getting into the mid to upper 5s crossing the Back Step and the High Step behind White Ledge. Still had flow from the east at the High Step, but behind White Ledge he started encounter some filling flow from the SW across Casitas Pass and opted to step out front to White Ledge Peak where he found a 14-turn core for a 2K climb to 7200, drifting light from the SW. After Whiteledge it was downhill against the cooler onshore flow into a weaker lapse rate. Picked up 600 feet over West Divide to get back to 6300, drifting from the south, then mostly skipped along below ridge line. Had to triple pump at the east end of Castle ridge to climb from 26 to 3700 for the upwind glide across Ramero Saddle. More groveling on the west end of Ramero to claw up to 3K before getting on bar to reach for the east spine of Montecito. Worked over to the west spine for a final 500-foot climb from 25 back to 3K before heading out on final glide for east beach. Was initially ambitious on the glide, but after crossing the East Riviera opted to turn more direct for the beach to make sure he didn’t come up short? Then once he had the beach made he angled west again from over the zoo to land at the traditional East Beach LZ across from the Chromatic Arch at 3:07 PM PST, about 7 minutes after the start of his 3 PM sending off party. See attached KMZ and IGC files (recorded on his Motorola Droid Turbo 2 XT1585 phone?) and Doarama animation at
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Great Send-off!

Postby NMERider » Mon May 22, 2017 12:06 pm

Nice! Saw this on XCFind on Saturday but not all the details.

Great KML presentation too. I wish all pilots knew how to make a good KML/Z. Why not do a screen capture video of how you do yours? I'll be glad to share it around on Facebook.
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