Analyze this. 3/24/17

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Analyze this. 3/24/17

Postby gracecab » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:32 pm

After flying over the Seminary Ridge for awhile, I was ready to move down/up range. The thermals were drifting toward the northwest oh so lightly, so i figured i would go with the flow... I got up as high as i could and turned (first jogged toward the foothills) to go.

botanic 2.jpg
Seminary Ridge to Botanic garden area...

I was thinking, the foothills are what you would naturally bank back to, but I didn't feel much going out the first time, nor did i see anyone really using the Antenna Farm getting up much either... and the lift was working over Seminary Spine... in fact it was giving me time to figure out what seemed to be working.

I guess I didn't commit to dive back to holy hills, nor did i commit to bank out over the Rivera ridge and moved basically due west.


Comments are welcomed, i'm trying to learn from the masters...
still won't accept kml so i zip it
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Re: Analyze / KML/Z ?

Postby sd » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:31 am

Chris, your jpg image gives a quick overview showing a probable SE/SW convergence drawing up both sides of the Monastery, but to “analyze” your flight, a simple (uncluttered) KML or KMZ file would be useful. I also suspect that the clouds were a big factor?
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