Friday 3/3/2017 VOR to Fillmore

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Friday 3/3/2017 VOR to Fillmore

Postby bb_secretary » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:02 pm

Copied from The SBSA Chat Box and reposted here to archive Mitch Riley's flight on Friday 3/3/3017 from The VOR to Fillmore with a stop below White Ledge along the way.

It was a cool day. Strong East wind and lots of sink made the going tough. I landed deep near white ledge, hiked for a tricky relaunch with no landing options, climbed out and flew to Filmore. Single hitchhiking retreive all the way back to the Eagle Van at the T. Thanks for bringing the van down Clontz and Jason. Good times
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Casitas Pass Options

Postby sd » Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:11 pm

FYI, there are a few links to help with orientation through Casitas Pass including maps of triggers, relaunch options, and roads posted at:

After studying a number of Mitch’s flights, I would have to caution that following him may not be wise unless you have a lot of confidence in your ability to hike. In his season and a half in town he has explored a number of locations and routes not previously attempted. We might have to redo our trigger guides to include the new lift sources he has uncovered?

On his Friday 3/3 flight he bucked a headwind until his pit stop at Chismahoo, but by the time he relaunched the west appears to have pushed through? His first leg from the VOR to Casitas Pass took about 20 thermal climbs, but after relaunch he covered the same distance through Ojai with only about a half a dozen climbs.
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Re: Friday 3/3/2017 VOR to Fillmore

Postby gracecab » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:44 am

Quite an education flying with Mitch through the pass... I'd be happy to make it to Bates... from VOR... someday... :) :)
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