Surprise, surprise, surprise...

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Surprise, surprise, surprise...

Postby gracecab » Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:46 pm

Anyone remember Gomer Pile? Surprise, surprise, surprise...


I had a fun 1.5hr trip from VOR to Padaro, April 16, 2016

VOR Padaro gracecab .zip
kml track log in zip
(64.85 KiB) Downloaded 80 times

(side note: it would be cool if everyone at least posted high quality GPS track logs of their flights. It would at least begin a record of lots of things including, dates, weather (by extrapolation) and routes taken. All instructional for each other. It takes a few more minutes when you get home, but I've been able to do it now in about 10 minutes. Though I like to write out my thoughts and experiences, it helps me remember for the next time. Plus sharing is caring.) :)

I launched last, after a handful of hungry hippos...

My most interesting and informative stop was at Castle Ridge Switchback ?... where the road goes directly back into the mountain. See from my GPS, that i worked for about 10 minutes stepping back uphill... but after I reached the top of the ridge, I gave it another turn, and decided to take my altitude to a Cali Burger and a coke.

Which was wierd, because I had a verbally stated goal of getting to Viola Fields. You can see the thermals were there, if you waited long enough. It was NOT turbulent as in cross winds, etc. The thermals were strong if not a little disjointed, but fine for a 2 year pilot like myself. So, why did I bail... after working for the top ridge? I think mainly just ignorance. I really didn't consider that this part of the range is potentially a lot of dolphining, and with a good lapse rate and good S wind coming up (some west), I could have very well stayed high enough to make it to the next either boomer, or to where I could peel off over Carpinteria proper, to Viola, my goal.

Mainly, was deciding to take the lesser trip for what I knew, rather than guess what would be coming up after, not really sure. However, after consulting with seasoned pilots, GPS logs of Amigos, and comparing all these things, I have better data to make a decision with potentially more options.

I don't think it was a failure, you can't always make your goal, that's why it's a goal. But, the 'failure' this time pushes us to try, study, practice, and think harder, in order to become better pilots.

Anyhoo.. having a great time.

missed opportunity.jpg
VOR Padaro April 16 flight path...
Chris Ballmer aka gracecab
Ventura, CA
UP Kantega XC2 / Gin Verso
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Re: Surprise, surprise, surprise...

Postby Gorick » Sat May 20, 2017 10:42 pm

What a great writeup Chris. Thanks.
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