Thursday 12/31/15

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Thursday 12/31/15

Postby oj » Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:12 pm

Last chance to fly this year so I jumped into the FAA van, which was right behind the Eagle van, and we all ended up at the VOR. I expected a long wait with that many pilots but it went really well and nobody had to wait for very long. As usual, I was near the end of the line and there were plenty of gliders marking the lift for me by the time I got established.

Easy run East with all the usual triggers firing. Robb was up from San Diego and we got to fly together for a while but I lost him somewhere after Montecito Peak. The lapse was strong into the mid fours and it was a hit-or-miss affair with the turb. I got one of my best climbs at Montecito but talking to another pilot afterwards he said it kicked his ass. Tried to catch Cracka who was a couple of thermals ahead but he's just too quick. I bailed a little after Castle Ridge and headed for Padaro. Got a good glide out and arrived over the water with 2k to burn off so I took the scenic tour and got to watch a large pod of dolphins chasing schools of baitfish.

Had the obligatory post-flight beer and food at the grill with Aaron & Allison, Matt, Jesse, Steve, and another who I can't remember, before piling into Allison's Honda for the ride back to the T. What great way to end the year.

Vario log: 1120 fpm up, 800 dn, max alt. 4950, 1.5 hours, 14.2 miles.
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