Oat Mtn. Fillmore, Sunday 24 FLIGHT LOG

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Oat Mtn. Fillmore, Sunday 24 FLIGHT LOG

Postby gracecab » Sat May 23, 2015 1:50 pm


Flight Report:
Location: Oat Mountain, upper launch, Fillmore, CA
Launch #1: 3:30, #2 4:30, Each flight approx 30 min-45 (GPS didn't work today so generalizing lots)
Pilots: Mark Pratt, Dave B, Rich G, Chris B (my wife and son came with for the adventure)

Carpooled with Dave B in 2 cars (wife and son in the van), from my home at about Noon (E. Vta), Dave drove me to see the lower small LZ, then we met at the larger LZ on Goodenough Rd. It was more than goodenough :lol: to land on, great direction into the wind up the canyon, and by the time we were landing, it was pretty calm.

We all got into my Van and tooled uphill to the top launch (with the Streamliner, and co-owned by Mark and Ron, so we felt totally welcomed and had plenty of space to park, walk around etc.)

When we arrive the wind was about 20-22 so we held off for awhile, hid beind the car, and generally enjoyed the views. Spectacular. Mark gave us great detailed descriptions all the way up the road, stopping to point out landing potential, and there were lots of easy landings. Also, pointing out the triggers, and there were some very defined spines/trigger points which did indeed product today.

It was decent temperature, didn't feel too cold or hot the entire time (me at least). I used my flight suit and wasn't too hot, felt perfect.

At 3:30ish we all decided to launch together, and it was fun and a tad punchy. You could get into a thermal and it definetly protected you going up from the crosswind, and was a good motivation to stay good and tight in the center. Went back and forth among the proably mile wide strip at the top launch and just got used to things...where were the lumps, humps and bumps and triggers. Eventually we all decided to top land. I overshot the top and landed about 100 yards down the road which was very easy to land on. Lots of easy places to land and side hill if needed. (see video).

We gathered and talked about the first flight, acknowledging the wind was great to keep us up and kept you actively flying, but nothing more than I was personally ok with. :wink: Mark got up the highest to 3,500 (launch is 2500?), and stayed close over everyone, and hit the higher peak to the North (I assume that was how he got up?). The thermals seemed to go 500 or so max over launch. :?:

Second flight: After gabbing, we suited up (except Mark who got called back down to duties, so rode his ATV back down). Rich wanted to end with a smooth successful landing so he concentrated on setting up in the large LZ next to the road, and nailed a perfect landing. The wind was much lighter now, but the thermals seemed just as strong, so that made the second flight soooo sweet. DB and I exchanged heights, he going out and back farther than I, he kind of automatically watches out for me and my routes. :roll: Fortunately, he saw I was wandering too much and getting lower and lower beyond hope... and suggested I head over the main spine under launch (the flat hill about half way to base)... and sure enough I did and immediately BOOM, caught the smoothest, most consistent flow and stayed in it all the way to launch height!

Funny, I didn't feel like I really had anything to lose, was totally relaxed even to just go land (and in fact thought I would be landing bc how low I was). When I resigned to gravity, I just took what nature gave me, and it happened to give me more time to fly! Sweet! Kept flying more, starting to eek down... all the while Dave dancing on the tops of all the bubbles, and staying up... he kind of thermals around where I'm going generally which I appreciate, and gives advice as he sees I need it...often saving my bacon from stupid meanderings... :roll: I'm probably as enteratining to him as he is to me...so it works out.

Eventually I worked the one last little mound next to the larger LZ, surprisingly long and strong enough to almost consder it ridge lift, but not. Then Dave saw I was down after avoiding us both landing together, went up, and then came down.

We all shared experiences, then ended up at El Pescadores :?: or something, and filled up and shared a great meal together.

What a day. Though it was very long because of starting so early, it was beautiful weather, new scenery, and with good people. Hoping to do it again, reeel soon.

High confidence in a trip to Oat Mt. per Mark P. tomorrow, Sunday around noonish and on. Details to be posted on the sbsa fb group page assuming most easy access to the most info exchange, and most people reached. Mark says...the more the merrier.
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