Freaky Friday on the cliffs...

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Freaky Friday on the cliffs...

Postby gracecab » Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:21 pm

Fun flying with everyone today. And I mean everyone.

There was a great window around 11:30 to 12:30 right when you would expect locals on their lunch break would show :roll: who, me? - up to play. It was pretty S for a nice flight all up and down the boardwalk. :P Quickly put away my Alulah so I could get myself in the air... for me that's now the better fun...flying beats RC piloting (of course sometimes only RC conditions exist)... :lol:

I took off to the right, to get some alone time over the buildings... Aaron ventured over for awhile, I think Rich came and went, I think that was Dave B. back from Columbia, too... Most everyone else tried to stay up at the main launch, which is a little tight for more than like 2, 3 tops (IMHO)... but the wall was HUGE and takes a bunch of wings at once when it's heavy...who then line up like at LAX for a landing... lots of tops and patios...

I think it was just at the saturation point, but fortunately (or skillfully, luckily, mercifully ?) there were no collisions or major mishaps (that I have heard about).

I think it's a testimoy to all our local instructors that are the Air Traffic Control for us often... Chris G. standing up there, (was that Matt Henzi back from SJValley too?), radio in hand, calling for his peeps, plus good training by the same, so we are not producing careless mavricks... I'm not saying some don't fly more "actively" (ur, guilty as charged :lol: ), that's cool, but everyone I am seeing out there is very aware of everone else, and for the most part doing our dance-in-the-air with pretty clear intentions, and courtesy, and hence fun.

Same in the Mountains too... everyone has eachothers backs, with advice, wisdom and perspectives... at least that's been my experience, and I'm stoked for that...

Let's go fly!
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