Garlock, CA. to Luning, NV. 214 miles

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Garlock, CA. to Luning, NV. 214 miles

Postby Tony Deleo » Sun May 16, 2010 9:26 am

Eddie, Alex, Southside and I headed to Garlock. There were cumi's forming above takeoff at 9:15 and the Sierras were already "streeted". The temperature at "altitude" was forecast to be -11 degrees celsius. Off at 11:45 in light conditions. We weren't really able to climb out at takeoff so I headed for the south west corner of Black Mountain with 6300'. It looked like I was going to flush on the west side of Black, fortunately, at 400 agl, I was able to slowly climb. Southside was already at Boomer Ridge working the front points. With 9000' I was able to fly up Boomer Ridge climbing out at 1700+ per minute smooth lift. Heading north on the crest of The Sierras at 13,500", and my fingers already starting to get cold at 10,000', I gaggled with a couple of sailplanes. At Olancha Peak and with my fingers cold I decided to cross the Owens Valley to The Inyos. This was "iffy" knowing that the valley might not work. I went on glide from Olancha Peak across the southwest corner of Owens Lake bed to the northeast corner near Keeler -22 miles. I felt that being lower at least I would be warmer and I was prepared to take that chance. I arrived at the base of the Inyos with 6300'. The wind was out of the southeast taking the lift across the face of the mountains. At the Haystacks east of Lone Pine, I started to climb slowly to 9000', I then just flew back into the Inyos and jumped on the summit climbing to 14,500", from there on, with the Inyos and Whites streeted, it was gliding, 45-55 mph, and stopping to tank up about every 20 miles or so. At the White Mountains I topped out at 16,500 and went on glide to White Mountain where I tanked up again. Leaving Boundary Peak I was on "final" glide to Mina, NV., unfortunately the clouds on the Sierras had "fallen" down obscuring the sun. My goal was to at least break the 200 mile mark. The last portion of my flight was made in the shadows-too bad. Had the sun been out there was more mileage to be had. Made it to Mina and with about 2500' to spare so continued to glide to Luning where chase was waiting. Landed at 6:30ish.

The site records for paragliders and rigid wings were both broken. Alex Gagarin broke the paragliding record by flying 55 miles with a snag in his line(s).
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Re: Garlock, CA. to Luning, NV. 214 miles

Postby John Hesch » Sun May 16, 2010 1:20 pm

Way to go Tony and crew! Glad to see you eek out a couple of more miles than we did the day before!
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Re: Garlock, CA. to Luning, NV. 214 miles

Postby JimmyZ » Mon May 17, 2010 1:01 pm

Wow... Way to work it guys. Thanks for the write-up.
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Re: Garlock, CA. to Luning, NV. 214 miles

Postby Dizzy » Mon May 17, 2010 3:55 pm

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Re: Garlock, CA. to Luning, NV. 214 miles

Postby BobA » Tue May 18, 2010 8:27 pm

Right on Alex ! Diablo you need to post on Leonardo since your killing the other rigid wing leaders on it.
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